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Ultimate Six: Part 2

So when we last left off, Norman Osborn and the rest attacked S.H.I.E.L.D. and kidnapped Peter. After surveying the damage, Nick Fury decides to take in Aunt May for protection.

Meanwhile, Peter is being inducted into Norman's 'Six'.

Back with Nick Fury and co., Captain America once again calls out on Fury for commissioning the genetic experiments that lead to many of the villains' creations, saying that this was not the legacy he intended when he became Captain America. Nick Fury responds that Norman Osborn and co. would be trouble no matter what happened.

After their demands are refused, the Green Goblin leads an attack on the White House.

That's when the Ultimates' Helicarrier flies over ahead. "Osborn!" Captain America calls out.

# 6...

This is the big battle scene and it takes up the whole issue. So if you want to see most of it you can pick up the trade. I'm focusing more on the Green Goblin parts as he's the central focus.

Okay, so how big is the Green Goblin? In the previous issue he's tall but here he's a giant.

So Norman sends out Spider-Man to battle Captain America. Cap asks Spidey what he's doing, and he responds that he has no choice, because Norman will kill his aunt.

So I personally found this development to be a little disappointing. I found the concept of "Peter makes six" to be really interesting but in the end not a lot came of it.

So the battle wages on and the Ultimates manage to defeat the SIx. The Goblin is the last one standing. He continues to fight Captain America when someone calls out for him.


Norman accuses Nick Fury of shoving his own son in front of him.

So just as Norman is about to turn back into his human self and surrender, Iron Man shoots him in the back and causes Norman to get really screwed up.

So Thor returns after defeating Electro, with no one but Peter giving a damn that Harry just saw his father get shot down in front of him.

We then see the aftermath with the White House giving a press release on the "terrorist attack" on the White House lawn. There's also a bit of cover up going on, as they deny that there were any casualties, just a few bumps and bruises on the fine men and women of the Secret Service.


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I'm sorry, I'm not very clever today - do you mean you're arguing those things or arguing against those things?
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IDK about Banner, but I could certainly buy that Norman had been trying to get some Project Rebirth info - after all, it's supposed to enhance all abilities.

I think you're right about the size changing though. I found the art really uneven in this series - some panels I liked, but overall it was kind of sloppy I thought.