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One of the comments in yesterday's Shanna post mentioned the time she tried hooking up with Spider-man and he turned her down. It turns out I have that issue of Ka-zar the Savage, and the idea of seeing Peter being an emotionally mature adult about his relationships would be a nice change of pace.

One thing that stuck out about the Ka-zar series to me was that every issue featured a wraparound cover, had no ads (except for a few in house ads) and the inside cover pages featured photo comics of the Marvel staff.

BACK STORY: Ka-zar and Shanna had ended up in New York because he needed brain surgery (hunter shot him in the head) despite the head injury Ka-zar gets loose in the city and due to the machinations of another villain Kraven the Hunter is busted out of prison and starts hunting him.
Thankfully Spidey shows up to help out, they finally get him to the hospital, but Ka-zar ends up succumbing to his injuries. Following that news, Shanna is pretty much walking on autopilot, like most people dealing with grief. It's also important to note Shanna doesn't know Peter is Spider-Man.

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