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Robin #161-162 & Batman & The Outsiders #2

Well, now. You haven't succumb to madness or frustration after Cass's final bout of EVIL in Titans East? Well guess what? It isn't over! This is the final chapter of Cassandra Cain's villainous career of being EVIL and her stepping back into the side of light.

Like I said in my previous post in Titans East. Two appearances of Cass in other books went side-by-side with Titans East. The first was the set-up of her fall in World War III. For the second appearance, it was in Robin #161-162. So just as she was being undone as EVIL this was her final appearance on the dark side. The story arc itself was Robin dealing with a new drug that was dealing with some lethal steroids. An entire gang over dosed and decided to rampage through the streets of Gotham leaving Tim to stop him. However, if that wasn't enough Tim ran into a special forces unit sent by the makers of the drug to clean up this mess. However the gang weren't the only ones to steal away some vials of this drug. Enter Beechen's nemesis for Tim during his run, Dodge:

So the next issue Tim confronts the mastermind behind the drug:

One would assume this took place before Titans East. All the signs are there to suggest it. The shadowy figure had to be Slade right?

*sigh* Yes, this takes place AFTER Titans East. Of course we didn't find out about this until Beechen's Batgirl mini where he cleared up this dangling plot thread (and every Cass related plot hole from his run). Ladies and gentlemen I present to you.. the Wall of EXPOSITION:




There's only one video I think that can best sum up this. Besides more DEEP HURTING:

So that's the answer Beechen gave us when he wrote the Batgirl mini (the pages where from #1). But that wasn't until late 2008. Cass appeared again way earlier than that. In Batman & the Outsiders #2:

Okay maybe not the best grant heroic return, and it was never explained how Cass made up to Thunder. Since in the next issue we got the famous (or infamous?) scene of Grace and Thunder talking then watching as Cass strolled in her birthday suit and got a glass of orange juice. So I guess we have to classify this situation as some good natured brawling:

Now my reason as to why I'm posting these images is due to the fact that Beechen wasn't the one who originally was going to tell the tale of Cass's redemption back into the Bat Family. In actuality, that was going to fall to Chuck Dixon, the writer of the above pages from B&O.

This was mentioned in a podcast interview he had with Newsarama (alas the link has been taken down when the new owners of the website decided to cleanse the old forum of Rama). It used to be here:


He confirmed in the podcast that he was going to write a fill-in issue of Detective Comics that would detail Cass coming to Bruce and how she earned her way back into the Bat Family. Of course, we know the history of what happened next. Dixon and DC had a falling out (probably due to Batman R.I.P. plot-lines or editorial) all we have in the end are crackpot theories and hearsay. Regardless, Dixon left DC and the script wherever it is lost. Unless someone asks Chuck Dixon about it. Or the artist posts some pages of the unfinished storyline (like a "Moth to a Flame" a lost Batgirl story (that was supposed to be a fill-in issue) which artist Javier Saltares has posted up on Devi Art. I'd be VERY curious to look at that script.

So there it is. The entire villainous career of Cassandra Cain posted on S_D. Dare I continue this journey and post the Beechen mini?