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Just picked up  Superman #711 and who does appeared that I didn't expect to see?

Oh man. Straczynski, Roberson, and Barrows did their research. Serling's speach and outfit is JUST how I remembered her back when I read her in Superboy's book back in the 90s. At least now she broke free of that cameo in Countdown...

yeah, leave it so Roquette to make that cheap blue suit into something better.

Since Serling is an obscure character, here are 3 panels that show how awesome she is.

Yeah, young biologist prodigy and has the taste for the retro, unlike that Fussy Mary in the "Young Justice" episode which she built that the ever so "original idea" of nanites... hope this means she'll get more appearances... thought he last time I had for DC for bringing characters back was when they printed that "Shazam" One shot right before Osiris depowered Freddy...


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