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Catwoman in Tokyo : Quality time with the Bat + Culture Shock

From Batman, Inc #1:

Selina accompanies Bruce on a trip to Japan. She clearly enjoys the posh life.



Bat and Cat swinging through Tokyo's majestic skyscrapers. Worth noting is the presence of staff names "Morrison," "Nathan," and "Mike Marts" written in katakana on some of the signs. Also worth noting is Nathan (the colourist) seemingly being the only person with his position referenced to, with the presence of "iro" (colour) kanji below his name. Not sure who or what "Eri" and "Eritsuku" are supposed to be though...


Catwoman flipping through Japanese manga. Unfortunately for her, it looks like she encountered the hentai section of the store, lol.


I was kind of hoping for a "breaking the fourth wall" moment right here, but oh well. Can't have everything I guess. :P
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Fun scene, though posted a while ago :)

[personal profile] philippos42 2011-05-31 10:39 pm (UTC)(link)
I thought you were asking about the appeal of Batman to Selina.
First page, panel four with the bottle: Seems meant to be provocative. Um, drink during the day much?
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This is Selina Kyle, 8 A.M is just getting off work for her.

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I like what this artist is doing. Boots, pants and.. sports bra? Comfortably bolshy-sensuous body language? The differently shaded, crack-inclusive ass-focus on the hentai panel?

It feels.. intelligent.
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Two strong-willed, intelligent adults with active sex drives, who act upon those urges and move on about their crazy lives in a smart, mutual realtionship?

I like what I see, DC Comics.
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Yes, that, too.
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baxter2814: clark/lois + steve/tony + bruce/selina + peter/mj + booster/ted = OTP (otp)

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I know! That was my reaction. I was narrowing my eyes, all ready for the facepalm that ruined it all...but no. I almost felt cheated. I mean, a sexy scene that actually feels like there's two adults present? How....nice.

The only thing I'm disappointed in is that they couldn't sneak a meta easter egg into the comic book store pages.
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Well, the "what's the appeal" question is pretty on the button, huh? "What's up with this hentai comic, as I stand in an up-the-butt catsuit with a whip round my waist, in a comic?" Maybe not quite an easter egg but Morrison's done a fair bit of "what does sex mean in comics" meta and I like that the touch is there. Enough to make me think about it again, in a book with this so-rare-we-noticed mature scene of sexual flirting.
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I liked the way that Morrison portrayed Selina and Bruce's relationship in Batman Inc. They seem so at ease with each other, if not on again, off again lovers then at least very good friends.

It made a nice comparision to his (faked) relationship with Jezebel Jet, which seemed phony... and WAS! Oh, the glee when Bruce revealled that he was messing with her just as much as she was him.

She claimed that she's ruined women for him... and it's things like his interaction with Selina here that prove just how false that was.
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Got that. It's one of those moments that proves that Bruce can really only have a long-term relationship with a true partner... and Selina is one of the only women who can be just that.
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Cloud statue, ultralol
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Strutting around in the boots. Ha.

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Single that tentacle-thing drawn in that art-style is... weird. Especially as it's an in-universe poster.

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エリック (erikku) not エリツク (eritsuku) - the ツ is small, meaning "double the next consonant". So presumably that's "Eric"

Under Selina's hand is 猫 - cat.
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I loved this, I really did.
I want more domestic-ish-ish Selina and Bruce.