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Four scans from Fear Itself #3, and one from Fear Itself #1.

The first issue of the latest event saw Sin, the daughter of the Red Skull, locate one of the zillion mystical artifacts of the Marvel Universe, in this case a magic hammer that will grant a worthy the right to the power of Skadi:

She does, and is merged with Skadi.  She sets a bunch of bad things in motion, and, as of last issue, leads an attack on Washington.  New Cap, Black Widow, and Falcon (as well as Shang Chi, of all people) are there.  Fighting ensues:

Bucky hits her with the shield, which really pisses her off:

Given that this is a mystical event, that Ed Brubaker's various titles don't appear to be involved with this in any way, and that they're apparently doing a Captain America and Bucky title (unless that's all flashbacks), I think it's highly unlikely this is meant to last.  All the same, heroic.  Also, the fact that they had Sin announce what she was going to do that far in advance (and that she's similarly prophesied the death of Thor here) weighs against it.

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Good death, if that's the way he's really going out.

Still, I do think there's more to this then just Bucky being dead here.


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