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Yea, I can kinda get A and B, especially since it's a possession, but C is just so dumb I have trouble wrapping my head around it, and I can't figure out why editorial would do what it did in D.

Mark Waid may just be right.

Ultimately few DC characters (Cassandra Cain being one though, Roy Harper is currently another) have been trashed and made toxic in such a short time for no apparent reason than Mary Marvel. -

The thing I don't get is that kind of trashing has almost never produced a character that people are more interested in as far as I can tell, at least without major setup, yet they did three in a row? And, IMO, getting worse about it as it went on? That's even speaking as a Cass fan, as at least her villain form was more 'generic dragonlady' than ... Black Mary's dumbness or Swing-a-dead-cat Harper, and she got a rapid 360 while editorial actually protected Mary's change.
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