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Batman & the Outsiders #11-14

The other Batgirl "mini".

As Chuck Dixon left the book a lot of plot lines dangled. Even more, Pete Tomasi was announced to be going on the book with #15. So what to do with this team of Outsiders? Well Frank Tieri recently off Gotham Underground was put in to clean-up and prepare the way while also closing these plot threads and starting some others (namely the Battle for the Cowl event).

#11 starts off with Superman rushing to Wayne Manor and finding Ollie drunk and lounging about. He then brushes Supes up on the current events going on with Batman (namely Batman R.I.P.) and shows him a ravaged Bat-cave.

Cass on the other hand is being more proactive in matters of locating Bruce:

Tieri's pet character from Underground, Johnny Stitches shows his face, Cass is not amused:

Okay I love that last panel of Cass.

Elsewhere, Katana and Geo-Force arrive at the Bat-signal to find a bewildered Jim Gordon. Obviously, the possible loss of Batman is hitting him but there's another thing too. He then points to events going on below where Dick is just going batshit insane (he's still in dick mode from the mini). Of course they back off all O_o at it. So the team regroups at the apartment:

A possible back-up plan of Bats?! Possibly, but as the next issue opens someone didn't survive. Who? Poor REMAC. Both Ollie and Cass see thru the video (Ollie on just gut while Cass using her skills knows it isn't Bruce by the way "Bruce" on the video talks). They set up to use the coordinates provided via Remac. Unfortunately, he downloads a virus which makes the entire floor go boom. Thunder gets put in the hospital while Metamorpho is left reforming himself.

Cass takes the brunt of the guilt from Grace. So for Remac's funeral:

You're probably wondering what Kurt is doing here? His wife works for the Outsiders so he came with her.

Cass begins recruiting heroes and vigilantes to her cause. First up Man-Bat (after all he did give her that business card first). After him, why a certain someone VERY close to Cass:

And that's really all we get of Cass and Steph the entire time since the later's return and until Batgirl vol. 4 #1 *sob*. If only DC gave Fab just an extra bit of time we would have seen a more proper reunion with possible hugs (he confirmed this on forums if he had an extra issue he would have had a Cass appearance and pad more of Steph's character then rush to that end point given to him).

Yeah that's Dick and he so wants to talk. Though by talking he means of course by fighting. Damnit Dick! You're supposed to be better than this!

So yeah #14 picks up with Dick "talking" things over with Cass:

They continue to brawl until the Bat-mobile stops and gives them both the high beams. A person steps out as Dick instantly thinks, "Batman?!" We then cut to an amusing flashback before the fight where the Riddler (during his detective days) solves a crime via flashy way. I really wanted to put this in here and it's a great Edward moment, but alas Cass parts had to be put in. So as he gets in his car, Cass turns out to be his driver and then "asks" him to be in her Network. It's at this time Dick lands on the hood smashing the window to start his "talk" with Cass.

Back to the present:

Go Alfred! GO ALFRED!

And thus Dick stopped being a dick to Cass. Oh and there's another thing I left out. Throughout the issue some dude is whipping himself. He then shows up at the end having watched Dick/Cass's "talk". Who is he? Why the new Azrael.

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It can be in every comic from now until the end of time, I'll never stop laughing to myself over "Master Dick".
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Anatomy? What's that?

[personal profile] featheredserpent 2011-06-06 02:33 am (UTC)(link)
Ugh, the Faces!
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Wait, wasn't this the 'it's called Batman and the Outsiders, but there's no actual Batman or Outsiders in it' Tieri issues?
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So Johnny Sitches is Jigsaw.
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I kinda like the Question-esque mask style for Cass and the team concept is really interesting. It would've been cool to see it get off of the ground.

This reminds me, though. Didn't Steph have some sort of teleporting/invisibility power when she first came back from the dead? (Or back from Africa, I guess.) What happened to that?
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Thing I will note about this issue: Nightwing acknowledged the adopting :)

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I sort of dropped out of the Bat-books until 'R.I.P.' was over cause I really wasn't feeling it, but I did like the idea of Cass and Alfred reforming the Outsiders to create a piece-meal Batman, with a different person coming in to contribute their expertise in one of the many fields that Batman was a master act.

I actually thought that would have been an interesting theme to explore with the Bat-kids for a while; while each of Bruce's protege's all learned the fundamentals of Batman's operations, each one could end up excelling over the others (and maybe even Bruce in the very long run) in one of the many fields that constitute being Batman, based on their personal interests and personalities. Like Cass would be the obvious martial art and combat expert, Tim could be the detective, Dick would be leadership/inspirational, etc.

[personal profile] omgwtflolbbqbye 2011-06-06 04:44 am (UTC)(link)
I also want to add that I like that Alfred breaks up Dick and Cass's brawl by flashing the highbeams on the Batmobile cause it makes me think that when the Batfamily has a fight/argument in the Batcave he flicks the lightswtiches on and off, and threatens "down make me come down there!"
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Gorgeous panel of Cass in the Batcave squatting on the chair with the flowing cape. She's so cool.
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One of the (many) dropped opportunities was how Cass was the one who came up with the "Network" in light of Bruce's death and FabNic wrote her well in the one Battle for the Cowl issue where we got to see the Network in action and then DC had her give away the Batgirl costume in one page and not be seen again (except via flashback) for over year. And they never really did use the "Network" idea in the interim either (except a little in Streets of Gotham perhaps).
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It annoys me that they didn't collect the majority of Cass' storyline in BatO, and instead just went straight to collecting the entirety of the new Outsiders instead after releasing just two trades of the prior series.

So the Battle of the Cowl trade refers to the Network that Cass and Dick made, but they don't show how it came about.

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Out of curiosity, what exactly was the problem between Cass and Dick? I've seen references to them not being the bests of friends, but I've never seen why.