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Well, I thought it would never happen, I thought DC's plans for "greater diversity" was going to keep one good thing they had going. But No.

I really think I have now completely lost all faith in DC.

Date: 2011-06-07 02:46 pm (UTC)
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True, but it would be far easier and more efficient to attract readers who have dropped their titles, or certain of their titles, within the last few years but who are still reading comics and regularly visiting comic shops. Going after people who know Batgirl from a television series that they liked years ago but are not comics readers and never have been, or haven't been recently, is very inefficient, and very risky.

Strictly speaking, by the way, they do not necessarily need new readers. Remember, DC is also going same-day digital, which is going to let them cut out the middle-men (the printers, distributors, and retailers) who are eating into their profit margins. Higher margins mean that the volume they need to move goes much lower.

That being said, given all the attention this announcement has received, and all the discussion it has generated (I'm referring to the entire announcement, not just this about Batgirl), DC is definitely going to be the company to beat in September. The question is whether they are going to end up alienating loyal, long-term customers for a short-term bump in sales figures.


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