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... something exploded in Peter's Pants....



why are you looking at me like that?

oh like YOU weren't thinking it....
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Not until you mentioned no.

At least now it's not just you. :P
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heh it would explain all the "issues" between them :D

Norman: Did you just...
Spidey: i;m sorry... what with the tying up and cos play... i've got all the strength, agility, stamina, and sensitivity of a spider...
Norman: at least i was wearing a.... did you say stamina?

...oh im evil :D
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"It was YOU with the rifle at that high window!"

Hmm, I first saw that Ditko issue in the second ESSENTIAL SPIDER-MAN, IIRC.

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Norman is Lee Harvey Oswald?
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shot aunt may
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No, it was AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #37. The last two pages had someone using a rifle from outside to try to shoot Mendel Stromm. Spider-Man jumped up to the window, but saw nobody, and didn't understand how someone could get up to the window and vanish in a few seconds. While Stromm doesn't get shot, he doesn't *seem* to be dead from a heart attack. (He shows up shortly after the end of the Clone Saga, and has appeared in AVENGERS INITIATIVE.)

The next page has Norman with the shot gun, but it did not say how he was able to get to and from the window so fast. And then at the end of ASM #39, we find out he's the Green Goblin.
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As sweaty when angry as Norman could get back then, he probably had a veritable row of deodorant in that face-obscuring locker.
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♪ Does whatever a spider can ♪

Boy, Spider-Man sure had neat powers back on his early years.

Forgive mine rudeness but I suppose Spidey will never run out of his pants.
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Love this classic art style^^
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Let me be clear: Steve Ditko may have been Spiderman's first artist, but I will always see Spiderman and his cast as being John Romita Sr.'s work. He and Ross Andru DEFINED Spiderman to me and I always compare every artist since that time against them.

...usually unfavorably. One thing more modern artists often seem to have lost is the ability to tell a story. I don't need the dialogue here to understand the flow of action and the general idea; the words flesh out the visuals.
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Love the two panels of Osborn putting on the mask.