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... something exploded in Peter's Pants....



why are you looking at me like that?

oh like YOU weren't thinking it....
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"It was YOU with the rifle at that high window!"

Hmm, I first saw that Ditko issue in the second ESSENTIAL SPIDER-MAN, IIRC.

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As sweaty when angry as Norman could get back then, he probably had a veritable row of deodorant in that face-obscuring locker.
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♪ Does whatever a spider can ♪

Boy, Spider-Man sure had neat powers back on his early years.

Forgive mine rudeness but I suppose Spidey will never run out of his pants.
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Love this classic art style^^
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Let me be clear: Steve Ditko may have been Spiderman's first artist, but I will always see Spiderman and his cast as being John Romita Sr.'s work. He and Ross Andru DEFINED Spiderman to me and I always compare every artist since that time against them.

...usually unfavorably. One thing more modern artists often seem to have lost is the ability to tell a story. I don't need the dialogue here to understand the flow of action and the general idea; the words flesh out the visuals.
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Love the two panels of Osborn putting on the mask.