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Why there were no black people in the future...according to DC

Hope scans_daily has some outrage left! This is the first part of my two part series on Tyroc

Oh boy. Guess who populates Marzal...the Legion of course treats it like a ghetto.

And now the history of Marzal

Jim Shooter pretty much sums up why I was outraged at this

"...I always wanted to have a character who was African-American (Tyroc), and years later, when they did that, they did it in the worst way possible....instead of just incidentally having a character who happens to be black...they made a big fuss about it. He's a racial separatist....I just found it pathetic and appalling."

Until this time ALL the legionaries were drawn with Caucasian features. When black people ARE introduced they are violent separatists that have to be shown the error of their ways by white people.

This is a controversial topic, sorry if I inadvertently offended anyone. Please let me know if I did.

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I don't think racist is quite the right word for this--it's in the same realm of the whole "I Am Curious (Black)!" story: like a group of well-meaning but clueless white guys trying to created black heroes and tell stories about racism and getting so silly that it doesn't work as well.

I should also mention that Tyroc's been used in the Legion recently during Levitz's current run and while he didn't have a lot of lines, he wasn't that bad there.