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Even though we are going to lose the neat Comic Book known as "Secret Six", amigos, I think we should focus on the good things that we saw on it. Today I am proud to give you one excellent moment from the great Bane.

By the way, these pictures are from Secret Six # 34. These are 6 pages out of a story of 20 pages, which means that this post is acceptable.

Our epic moment starts with Bane having a neat date at an amusement park. All of us know that things are going to get interesting.

I find it interesting that Bane seems to acknowledge the fact that his life went into a spiral of despair after defeating Batman. It is great to see that he has conquered his inner demons and be able to enjoy his date.

I hope these thugs made peace with whatever God they worship because they are about to be broken by Bane.

Who is a Hardcore Macho Man? Bane is a Hardcore Macho Man!!!

This is an interesting way to have a date and I am pretty sure Bane would appreciate his well deserved reward, hehehehe.

You will be missed, Señor Bane as well as the rest of the Secret Six.

Farewell (or "Adios" as we say in countries that speak Spanish).
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