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When Osiris and Isis only appeared in one page of #35, I decide to wait until #36 to make my post, but they didn't show up at all. Oh well.

Previously, Osiris saw that Khandaq was being attacked by Quraci forces, but he couldn't do anything about it since he was dealing with Isis. Now that she's back to normal...

And, in #36, the Titans have just dealt with Drago.


Well now...

Date: 2011-06-10 06:24 pm (UTC)
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Really Roy? You hit rock bottom now? Trying to save a former Titan while teaming up with his Dad (as big of a one eye jerk that he is) while accepting drugs as payment? I say that the time you shot a man in front of Green Arrow while seeing the ghostly image of daughter telling you to do it was your REAL low-point (at least this one good thing that will come from the reboot, THAT never happened).

But still, I am rather annoyed at the fact the Roy basically turned into an emo prick after the death of Lian, but he's getting his turn-around point soon (or so how that rock-bottom line seems to imply) while Osiris is really turning into Black Adam Jr after bring his sister back out of desperation to save his sister because the White Lantern told him so. Heck, Sinestero, the guy's name is slight off from "sinister", has been acting more of a hero.
I always envision Osiris as a character seeking redemption, or at least plague with a power he doesn't want, but can't it give it. Siris went through a depression killing a man who was about to kill his sister, and then when he made himself vulnerable, on advice fo his friend, Sobeck, and then said friend eats him alive. And because of that, Isis encourages Adam to kill, causing World War III, and then Adam fooled around with her corpse, and then made her insane when the 2 of them took on the JSA before the Wizard stoned them. In the after life, Osiris seen all of this is relatively turned by himself, his powers, and his kingdom. He wants nothing to do with Black Adam (seeing how he corrupted his sister and he a mass murder), but can't find the strength to give them up out of fear of vulnerability, but he would find guidance by being Freddy's protege... but no. He is now an irredeemable little s**t because he killed people and was part of the death of The Adam, he like Superboy Prime, written to be hated and evil, while Roy makes a comeback because he is an oldie and has a mainstream fanbase!

.. hate it when writers play favorites like this...


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