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Greetings True Believers!

Let's see what everyone's favorite Merc with a Mouth is up to during the latest event.

He'll find a way to be...helpful.

Deadpool and his plumber helpers are showing a ritzy couple around their now "super-terrorist" proof home. Wade just finished saying that the walls could take a hit from the Juggernaut...when a hammered-up Juggernaut comes busting through.

Wade's gig has fallen apart. He notices the plumbers sneaking out and asks them where they're going. The plumbers are headed to Cimarron, New Mexico. Where they have another job, they won't say why and claim they're not plumbers. Wade smells money.

DP is depressed, so he hits the tube in the destroyed home. He flips to the news. The coverage is all Fear and Hammers. It's all news to Wade. He learns that that hammers drop from the sky and super-humans are getting power-boosts from them. A plan begins to form.

Meanwhile a mysterious figure blows up the plumbers van and Wade is conked on the head by a flying sledgehammer, which he runs off with.

Wade has a plan. He'll give a fake hammer to a z-grade villain and whip the tar out them and grateful citizens will reward him.

Now he just needs a patsy and his Bedazzler.

He finds both.

Big W is working at monster rallies and causing accidents so he can rip-off the driver's lockers. DP follows him in a hang-glider and drops a dynamite-strapped hammer in his path. (dynamite for a "cosmic" explosion).

Hubert loves the hammer and dreams of the big-time. But he doesn't feel any different and is wondering how to make the hammer work.

Uh-Oh. Oh, Wade.

Date: 2011-06-13 10:21 am (UTC)
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Oh man I posted the origin of the Walrus ages ago on SD v1! Definitely have to repost it now!


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