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Sharp Dressed (Wo)man

Do you recognise this woman without her cycle helmet?

Yes, it's Cloud 9 of the Initiative, now appearing in Fear Itself: Youth in Revolt
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I am guessing that you are being sarcastic right?

That is France, so Euros would be the correct currency.
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I am. For the time being, at least. Let's see if Portugal, Greece and company won't make me prophetic, rather.

Sorry, just a bit over-exposed to this stuff at the moment. The whole "do we support other EU nations or not" thing has come up again and again when they've tried to form our cabinet of ministers around here. Which will probably actually happen around the time for the next elections, by the look of things.

Our local politics - more of a snakepit than those of US of A... guess that's a kind of an accomplishment too.
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[personal profile] glimmung 2011-06-14 09:21 pm (UTC)(link)
Hah, all politics is local.

Just out of curiosity how is Ireland doing? I know they were in danger at one point.
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Dunno really. They've been eclipsed in the news by Greece and Portugal, but that doesn't mean that the situation has been resolved. I'd think that would have been news too. I'm guessing they're not nearly as bad off as the other two countries, but that's just the general feeling I've gotten. Not really motivated to look into this more than what the telly throws at my face anyway.
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Just wondering, don't know where you're from, but I'm guessing your government hasn't been at it for over a year, just trying to form a government?
Belgian here and seriously seriously pissed off with most if not all of our politicians.