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Chance @ Love Metropolis Edition

I originally posted these at the old S_D on LJ years ago, and felt like reposting.

From Harley Quinn #15: Metropolis Mailbag.

First things first, some Harley/Ivy love. (Ivy does have a point about Supes' X-ray vision...)


And of course, Harley's biological clock means she's late for work. HOURS late I might add. Yet, Jimmy doesn't seem to mind. (He has such a school boy crush on Harls without realising it).

Nevertheless, Harley is indeed dedicated to her work!






No one ever escapes a scolding from Mr. Perry White. EVER. Not even the Joker's girlfriend. (Then again, things would probably be different if this were the Joker himself...)

God do I miss this series, especially Karl Kesel's run.
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[personal profile] red_menace 2011-06-15 12:04 am (UTC)(link)
Harley, I think I'll miss you most of all.
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Based on the samples shown on s_d of the last couple of issues of Gotham City Sirens, I'd say this Harley has already left.
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I think she evacuated along with Paul Dini the second he stopped writing Streets of Gotham, personally. That said, I'm kinda-sorta interested to see what they do with her in the Suicide Squad - I don't think the current version has any legs at all once you take her apart from her association with Joker, so I'm looking forward to that particular revamp/reboot.
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I read that in Hexadecimal's voice because of your icon. I'm terrified but oddly turned on now.
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And if that statement isn't Hex in a nutshell...