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I'm sorry, but when I say this I'm not trying to make any kind of statement, but I've never found that "She's independent, strong and doesn't need a man to back them up" spirit to be a very boring and cliche one. Not to say that great characters don't work great under that, but they have to be more. I love Black Canary, but it took me a long time before I did because I just came across stories that portrayed that "I'm not taking crap from nobody!" annoying attitude.

Now I'm not a huge Marvel reader, but the reason I really like Sue is not because she's the most powerful or not to be trifled with (though that is cool, if overused), it's because she tends to make the most sense, glue the team together and generally be the opposite of the whiny Alba movie version. Just like in these scans the part I love is her ending monologue. Couldn't care less about her power bluff (or not-bluff as it is), but that she is a person more than many that understands what really matters.

But yeah, just my opinion.

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