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Daredevil's new casualt--er, I mean, love interest...from Spider-Man (possible spoilers)

In an interview on Marvel's website, upcoming writer for the new Daredevil series, Mark Waid, was asked about the supporting cast for the series, in particular Matt Murdock's love interests. Well, it seems like villains aren't the only things Daredevil is taking from Spider-Man: Who would you prefer to write as Daredevil’s love interest: Karen Page, Elektra, somebody else or somebody new?

Mark Waid:
Someone new. Karen's still dead, Elektra I love but don't have a feel for, but there are several new women coming up soon in Matt's life who are potential romantic interests, including someone quite surprising borrowed from the Spider-Man cast. Ponder that and start placing your bets.

Well, while it may be too soon to answer, it appears we might have an idea who it is, based on another preview image Marvel released for Daredevil #1...

I could be wrong but the woman in this scene looks like Michele Gonzales.

You folks remember, Michele from Amazing Spider-Man, right? The hot-tempered Latina defense attorney Mark Waid introduced in ASM #594, who was Vin Gonzales' brother and became Peter's roommate?

Whom Peter, due to consuming some champagne at his Aunt May's wedding (well, mostly apple-flavored ginger ale, actually) mistook for his ex, Mary Jane (Amazing Spider-Man #601):

Who also "swapped spit" with the Chameleon pretending to be Pete (in Amazing Spider-Man #603)...

...and became Peter's sweet, loveable girlfriend as a result (Amazing Spider-Man #604)...

That is, until Peter decided to come clean that it wasn't his "spit" she was "swapping..." (Amazing Spider-Man #605)

But at least she was kind enough to let Peter stay in the apartment (from Amazing Spider-Man #606)...

And appreciated the company of his friends (also from Amazing Spider-Man #606)...

But apart from being tolerant, she's also honest (from Amazing Spider-Man #612)...

Nurturing (from Amazing Spider-Man #617)

Charitable (from Amazing Spider-Man #642)...

And proud for her roots (from Amazing Spider-Man #647)

So, if  Michele Gonzales is indeed going to be a new love interest for Matt, and as long as he doesn't raid her refrigerator without asking (from Web of Spider-Man #9)...

Then he couldn't have asked for a better gal. :-D

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[personal profile] biod 2011-06-18 08:52 am (UTC)(link)
Well, they said they were returning to the swashbuckeling days, so she may get off with some light crippling.
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[personal profile] thanekos 2011-06-18 12:50 pm (UTC)(link)
I imagine Lady Bullseye will just crack her sternum with a baseball bat.