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To start the weekend, something a little OUTRAGEOUS!

The pre-credits sequence from the latest Brave and the Bold

I'm not sure if it's ever right to apologise to The Pruitts of Southampton, but

The episode itself "Sword of the Atom", sees the first appearance of Ray Palmer as the Atom in B&tB, but let's just say that Ryan Choi (RIP :( ) gets a much better end to his career as the Atom than his comic counterpart, but to say more would spoil too much.

And for legality, a couple of memorable Aquaman covers;

I love the exuberance of this one....

Can't imagine why this one appeals to me... ;)

(I love the fact it's an invese drowning!)

And this one, for the sheer WTF? of it!

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There was only one of me when I was young.
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How many are there now?