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Based on chat in another thread, I got to wondering how many posters here are blessed enough to be either British or living in Blighty. Can we have a quick British roll call, if you'd be so kind? (And by using that phrase, I got myself lost in an hour of watching Bioshock videos. Oops).

(People from other countries should feel free to comment in this post too. It's got drinking, singing, open top sports scars, a man pissing in a field... it's got EVERYTHING!)

In the interests of posting something in a British spirit I had a little rummel through my collection. I've already posted Clubbing and somebody had beaten me to the punch for Gerry and the Fucking Skrull Pacemakers. So, how about some more Queen and Country engaging in that most British of activities; getting pissed and indulging in some quiet vandalism.

The main context is that Tara and Tom are two Special Ops agents who have had to visit the sister of another Special Ops agent and give her the official lie about her brother dying in a plane crash, instead of the truth that he died doing the government's dirty work. Tom and Tara repair to the pub to get smashed. Then, they leave the pub.

Date: 2011-06-19 10:58 pm (UTC)
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They're starting to teach it in some primary schools, which is cool. With the celtic languages I think Irish and Scottish are another similar pair. I think Welsh and Cornish influence has to do with the mining heritage, as they swapped a lot of the workforce.

I only meant to say proper English people tend to be more surprised at the independence movement itself, rather than celtic roots :)

Speaking of Cornish Culture, we have one of the worst drinking songs ever, called Camborne Hill. The main lyric is "Going up Camborne Hill, going down." The singing style is somewhat reminiscent of this (even if it is Somerset):


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