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Batman and Selena look good, so do the villains, so I'm sure Robin will be-- oh Christ.

Delicious Sourcemeal:

Oh Tim, what's happened to you?

It seems these days that if you want to be a video game protagonist in a "hardcore" game, you got to shave your head. Galen Marek, Shephard, Cole McGrath, Issac Clarke, the list goes on.

The pic doesn't come in color, so there's no telling how it'll look, perhaps bright purple with baby blue trim.

What he's wearing doesn't even look like a costume, just a shirt, pants, boots, and a cloak.

On the bright side, he comes with a Red Robin skin, so there's definitely some hope. Unless he still has a buzzcut.

Date: 2011-06-21 04:55 am (UTC)
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Ironically I have 0 problem with the costume and like that, but it's Tim. Looks like he could be Cole's younger brother.


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