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Leave It To Loki

Four pages from The Mighty Thor #3 (I swear, Coipel's constant double-page layouts are done deliberately to mess with me).  The confrontation between Asgard and the Silver Surfer continues, but what we're really interested in, to quote Troy McClure, is hardcore nudity.

The continuing misadventures of Kid Loki:

Fortunately for Kid Loki, Thor arrives, allowing him to make his escape.

He may want to consider trying some new stuff instead of repeating his Volume One Greatest Hits, though.
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But it is devoutly to be hoped he will keep showing up, because his chemistry with Volstagg is pretty impressive. Trying to convert a Norse god to Christianity is pretty funny.
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I remember Thor having a foe called "The Crusader" who thought himself as an agent of the Judeo-Christian God sent to kill all heathens/pagans. There is also that story from Marvel Zombies that ended with Thor fighting against some zealots that had been killing his followers. I suppose the battle between Norse Mythology and Christianism/Catholicism is older than we think.
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Correcto's, Crusader was a Gladiator style character in that his power was linked to his confidence/faith. Fully amped, he actually took Thor on one to one combat and won. But when Thor got back up, he lost confidence in his infallible protection of god and got pwnt.

He's been an occasional joke job since then.

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Though seeing it constantly being capitalized like that makes me want to see Volstagg have a pub crawl with Jessie Custer.