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Avengers: Children's Crusade #6 preview

Anyone still remember this?
Newsarama has the preview of Children's Crusage #6, as another group of superpowered youth muck around trying to rescue the Scarlet Witch.

It does lead to interesting reunions.

The art is still beautiful, but I really can't believe how casual everyone is when at any moment Wanda can bring back Avenger's Dissassembled fallout or have another "No More Mutants" moment.

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I said it over in the YA comm and I'll say it again here -- Billy, Wanda's husband is not even slightly back. If you died and someone told Teddy "Your boyfriend is alive. Sort of." and pointed at Tommy, he would probably smack them and would be right to do so. Quit that!

...On the upside, Teddy's line about how Billy lost his powers "the last time he did something I told him not to" is hilarious!
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It seems like everyone treats Vision #2 as a straight up replacement for #1. Although, I suppose it would be less traumatic than telling Wanda "Oh, and there's a kid running around that looks like the ex-husband you brutally murdered but is actually his posthumous offspring with a teenage supervillain."
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Yeah, that explanation might need some careful rephrasing. But she had to have known that her family tree would get complicated when she married a synthetic guy...
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In the Williams-Ulton-Pym family that doesn't even warrant an eye-blink.
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Not usually, but she is having a breakdown.