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"You win wars with guts."

The newest trailer for the Captain America: The First Avenger film, complete with a lot more dialogue than previous trailers.


The trailer. Thoughts:

- Increasingly, I'm thinking this might be the best superhero film of the summer (and I liked Thor and X-Men: First Class quite a lot).

- There's a lot more character stuff than previous trailers; in particular, Peggy gets a lot of dialogue, and I think she's shaping up very nicely. Hayley Atwell I already knew was a good fit for this period in history (Brideshead Revisited), and unlike a lot of superhero love interests she's gorgeous while not looking or sounding like a bad fit for her supposed occupation (hello, scientist Jessica Alba).

- I also like what we see/hear of Erskine. Despite being such a pivotal figure in Steve's backstory, he's a pretty undefined figure in the comics. I assume Howard Stark is there to take over as Steve's Q after Erskine dies.

- The role of army colonel, whatever the era, fits Tommy Lee Jones like a glove.
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Re: That's an interesting tagline

[personal profile] salinea 2011-06-26 05:42 pm (UTC)(link)
"Heroes are made in America" does imply "Heroes aren't made outside of America" which does imply "There is no Heroes outside of those made in America".

There's probably a way they could have turn this sentence to make it not!offensive; this one is definitely thoughtless in a rather clumsy way.
Something like:
Captain America
One Hero
made in America

The problem is it's the plural (to Heroes) that implies the idea that outside of America there is no heroes.