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It had to happen, even in "Batman and Sons", one of the family snaps!

He's had enough and he's not going to take it any more

It's the Fourth of JLA!

Though I'm old enough that I mean THIS take on him, rather than the actual, literal devil thing, which I never quite warmed to

The Black Cat has posted that

"As some of you know, I normally upload new drawings at the beginning of the new month but I’m doing it a few days early because I’m off for some ‘Me Time’ and believe me, I need it. And because of my time off there will be no new uploads for the month of August. I’ll start up again at the beginning of September."

I'm sure we all wish her a happy holiday, though September seems like a LOOOOONG way away!

Icons can, as usual, be found here. I may have to go for the little Kid Devil one myself!

And if that's STILL not enough awesome for you, well

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As always BC brings the win.

Bat-Throne, Terry-Lenin and the spiteful Robins.

Plus, that Cap commerical put a smile on my face.