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You know that episode of The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog where Sonic and co. develop a de-Roboticizer that frees everybody's loved ones and Sonic gets his uncle back, only for the process to revert at the end because that would be too easy?  This issue is like that.  Four scans from Avengers: The Children's Crusade #6.

So last issue (and that was a while ago), the Young Avengers found the Scarlet Witch, who was going to marry Doctor Doom; now she has her memories back, and the YA plus Clint, Beast, Jessica Jones, and a revived Scott Lang look on.  Meanwhile, the Avengers still want to find/possibly kill Wanda.

Anyway, Billy snaps her out of her madness (which proves surprisingly easy), and they set about figuring out whether she can reverse the damage that she caused.  So they pay a visit to X-Factor in search of depowered mutants to experiment on.  Multiple Man doesn't think this is a good idea, but Rictor volunteers anyway:

The X-Men (Cyclops, Emma Frost, Rogue, Storm, Colossus, Gambit, and Iceman) arrive outside.  Strong Guy doesn't think they look welcoming.


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Which is selling in the low 20Ks right now, I think. Fittingly, I think it's the fact that the last two young mutant teams were treated as entirely disposable that's lead a lot of readers to give the newest next-generation the skip.


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