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Adventure Comics #528 - this 'n' that

Picked up Adventure Comics #528 today, still following the adventures of the current crop of Legion Academy students and teachers. It's not a big blockbuster issue, just connective tissue wrapping up a little old business and bringing the Academy folks into the current big Legion of Super-Heroes/Legion of Super-Villains donnybrook. But I did find one or two nuggets of mild interest, and so am posting a cover preview and two panels here.

We open on the graduation ceremony for the senior LA students, Lamprey, Nightwind, Crystal Kid and Power Boy (Jed, not the New God dude who fried in the Titans East special). All are routed into the Science Police, not the Legion, a fact not lost on the current crop of trainees.

However! Night Girl really needs to turn the highbeams down a bit!

Was her costume always so... so... boobie-smiley-facey? I feel we're veering into early Laurel Kent territory here.

Meanwhile, one of Saturn Queen's troops has invaded Legion HQ while all the Legionnaires are off fighting the LOSV on multiple fronts. Cue the reservists i.e.the LA staff, with the new recruits sneaking off campus behind them to play cavalry. (Yes, the cavalry is Comet Queen. Write your own jokes, folks.)

However! Yon intruder has to take a stroll through the Hall of Dead Legionnaires, pausing at the Karate Kid statue for a "good times!" text box. On yon stroll I noticed this:

Proty I has a statue! did we know this already? If so, I did not recall. Really it's the least they owe the little guy, especially since the Proteans have been declared sentient.

This is one of those jobbies with two sets of pencillers/inkers, which makes for a jarring transition about halfway through the ish. Of the two I think I prefer the first section, which according to the signature on the splash page was pencilled by Geraldo Borges.

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