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Issue #3 of Spidey's stories during the Fear Itself event continue, and this time he fights one of his own.

Angrir (Ben Grimm), the guy who just knocked Red Hulk out and flattened Avengers tower. One more time, Peter faces the David vs. Goliath scenario.

(It's nice to see the true Spider-Man show his face every now and then.)

Out-classed, out-gunned, WAY out of his league, and having just had his heart stopped with a lightning blast from Angrir, the people at the hospital where Spider-Man and Ben Grimm have been fighting have come to his rescue, while a wounded Peter looks on, frozen in cardiac arrhythmia (heart beating irregularly and out of control).

Shocked back to "barely functioning" status by the doctors, Spidey realizes people are about to get killed unless he intervenes.

And then Spidey repeats the *SMvsFL feat.

Spidey pounds relentlessly on Angrir/Ben Grimm and manages to stop him and hurt him, and then uses a little scientific know-how to redirect another charged hammer swing at Ben, and manages to have Angrir run off.

Re: There's a fake Spider-man?

Date: 2011-07-15 06:24 am (UTC)
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Amazing Spider-man is an enjoyable read and has been for some time. He did NOT "sit back and do nothing" when Osborn was in charge, he infiltrated the Dark Avengers in "Amazing" and nearly discredited Osborn as a competent leader in the Dark Regin Spider-Man one shot. He is treated as a respected veteran in the Avengers and has even lead the team at least once. And the deal with Mephesto was a result of Spider-Man being written horrifically out of character because Joe Quesada wanted to kill the marriage, logic and characterization be dammed, and blaming Spider-Man for being written out of character is entirely pointless.


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