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Dark Knight Rises Trailer

As the Great River Song said, "Spoilers..."

I have to say that I do like the way that Bane seems to be rolling towards Batman in a manner that seems less human and more monster. Like an ogre or something. Also, that set at the end of the clip looks like the Batcave from the first film.

Hm, considering the repeat of Ra's al Ghul's speech to Bruce from the first film, or possibly Ra's providing a remix, I wonder if it's Bane who has taken the ideas that inspired the Batman persona and has adapted them for evil purposes.

If you wanted people to fear, being a huge guy wearing what seems to be a combination bite-/gasmask with someone's finger bones on it probably gets you a fair way through the door in that regard, I'd imagine.

So the Viral Videos that I posted were real after all, VALIDATION!

For legality, Quotable Bane from Knightfall,

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Okay, based on the teaser, here's how I'm guessing the story will go down:

*Bane was Ra' Al Ghul's first choice as a successor to lead the League of Shadows prior to Bruce, but was imprisoned and deemed too unstable. Now the surviving members free Bane to get revenge on Batman for the death of Ra's Al Ghul.

*Batman, still believed wanted by the cops and still grieving from the loss of Rachel, is at an emotional and spiritual crisis. Then Bane enacts his plan by freeing by freeing Gotham's prisoners, causing Bruce to become physically exhausted. Thus Bane fights Batman and cripples him (just like in Knightfall. Bruce, now physically and emotionally broken, declares "Batman" to be dead and leaves Gotham.

*While away, Bruce, recuperates from his injuries, regaining his physical and psychological health back. Meanwhile, Bane now rules Gotham and the city is in a state of martial law, with the cops unable to keep order. Gordon gets seriously injured and hospitalized.

*Bruce returns to Gotham and, upon talking to Gordon (who reveals to Bruce that he figured he was Batman almost since the beginning) tells him that Batman needs to come back.

*Bruce, once again Batman, has a rematch with Bane, but this time, he defeats him not unlike how Azreal defeated Bane in Knightfall or how Batman defeated the mutant leader in The Dark Knight Returns.

Basically, the film comes full circle (hence the clips and voice-over from Batman Begins and Bruce "journey" to fully becoming and embracing himself as Batman ends. After all, Christopher Nolan's "Dark Knight Trilogy" is essentially a three-part origin story for Batman.
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Sounds believable. And even if not correct its a cool story.

If you are more than 75% correct you win Batman.
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*claps* Oooh, I'd like this. But what about Selina?
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Good point.
And JGL and Colltaird? Who are they?
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if you're asking about who they are in the actual movie, they've revealed that already. Cotillard is a board member on Wayne Enterprise and JGL is a GCPD cop handpicked by Gordon, sort of like the movie version of Bullock.
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Well, even though Marion Cotillard's role is supposed to be “Miranda Tate, a member on the board for Wayne Enterprises who will aid Bruce Wayne on his ‘philanthropic endeavors for Gotham,’” she also said that "[Her] role is a secret." I think the most likely theory (which I've seen others suggest) is that she's really Talia under an assumed name. Which would make sense and go back to echoing Liam Nesson being cast as "Henri Ducard" when he was really Ra's Al Ghul.
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Oh, and as for Selina/Catwoman? Well, I didn't mention her because I was strictly commenting on what I'm guessing the teaser was hinting at. My guess is that she's starts off as a regular cat-burglar who lives in the Narrows but becomes "Catwoman" after her first encounter with Batman and, while he's temporarily gone, attempts to take his place as a kind of female Robin Hood. And that she first meets Bruce at a party that celebrates the reopening of Wayne manor in which she's trying to case the premises.
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Great theory. I had a similar one. Great minds think alike indeed.