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O Captain! Our Captain! - Screaming for Vengeance

Greetings, People from Planet Houston. Today I am proud to give you another chapter of the exciting adventures of Captain America. I can safely assure you that it will be one hell of a ride. Enjoy.

There was a time when the comic book of Captain America became an anthology of horror stories while still containing one story related to Cap. Today I decided to brought you the last Golden Age Captain America story before the 50s. Today I bring you a Weird Tale of Captain America.

This cover depicts an excellent epic battle between Good and Evil. Only one of them will taste the sweet Ambrosia that is Victory while the other will fall to oblivion. Today's entry will deal with the most metal battle between Captain America and the Red Skull as they'll fight on Hell itself!

By the way, the following story had 6 pages so I will simply use 2 pages.

Our story starts with the Red Skull living in Hell after dying (Maybe the Red Skull was left in a coma after fighting Captain America on 1945 and his soul went to Hell). He has been planning his vengeance on Captain America and manages to get an evil Magic Book that can damn the soul of anybody whose name is written in its unholy pages (Death Note?). The Red Skull writes the name of Captain America and our good Cap is teleported to Hell by Charon. Cap knows something is fishy and demands an audience with the Devil. The Devil informs Cap about the Red Skull's treachery as well as bringing the Red Skull to face Captain America. The Devil tells them that they must fight to the end and whoever wins will return to life with his soul intact. Cap and the Red Skull are ready to duke it out.

Was it all a Dream? Did Captain America and the Red Skull had a Mystical Experience? One thing is for sure, comrades, and it's that this story was pretty cool.

By the way, it's time for a game. When this story was done in 1949 there was no such thing as several people using the mantle of Captain America but nowadays we know that Steve Rogers wasn't the only Captain America. The game is simple : Provide a theory of which Captain America was the one that had this hellish adventure (I think you may also feel free to provide a theory for the Red Skull). The one that provides the best theory wins a chance to ask me which story of Captain America I shall post next (The Deadline will be tomorrow at 6 PM and it's imperative that you tell me which story you want thru a personal message in order to avoid revealing the surprise). Let's have some fun!

Farewell for now, mine dear comrades.

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