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Final Pantasy

I'm wondering how much this has to do with the reboot.
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This was a great issue :)

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It really was. It was probably the most entertaining comic I've read in a while to be honest. I kind of want a spin off of those three, where they investigate things and fight bizarre crimes. Like Scooby Doo, but with superpowers.
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Pantless Heroes

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I think we have the title for the next big DC summer crossover!
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Re: Pantless Heroes

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Seriously adorable!
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Pants can just plain no fun.
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Feel the breeze.
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I agree. Down with pants!
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The story was rather filler-y but a damn good one at that. Lots of cute in the issue particularly little Peeg.
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I was going to say, nearly all the early issues could be perceived as filler in that sense, given they were all shorter stories with a few connecting threads.
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"I hope he tells us to burn our pants next!"

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Can we get a cross universe story with Margot and Katie Power? Power Girls!
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This was great..

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But I kind of love the next panal where the reaction is:-

"From the mouths of babes..."

Feels a little bit meta, like it's commenting on the whole giving Wonder Woman pants debacle..
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She could just become a professional wrestler instead. They never wear pants.
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[re-posted to add missing words]

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Except... the "pants" in the "Nu" DC are really tights. Yeah, both articles of clothing cover the legs, but they're not interchangeable beyond that. Following this logic, my bank balance would automatically be exactly the same as a stockbroker's, if by chance the stockbroker and I both happened to have bank accounts at the same place.

So, no. I don't know what all you young trendy types with your TV Tropes and your Cracked dot coms and all would call this bit. A "lampshade," or "ship in a bottle" or whatever. Either way, I think it's pretty weak tea humor-wise. :/