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Information from the San Diego Comic Con and some thoughts about the Green Lantern movie gave me an epiphany about Peter Parker, the Amazing Spider-Man.

We want Peter Parker to be Barry Allen, not Hal Jordan.

It started with J. Michael Straczynski and AMAZING SPIDER-MAN (Vol 2) #30, and the idea that the radioactive spider that bit Peter Parker *chose* him to be a Spider-Totem. The radiation killed the spider and affected Peter's blood, but that was an unwanted side-effect.

The problem with the Spider-Totem idea? Getting chosen as a Spider-Totem turns Peter Parker into Hal Jordan (chosen because he's special) instead of Barry Allen (victim of random chance who becomes a good guy).

We don't want Peter Parker to be Hal Jordan. A lot of the complaints about Peter in the post-OMD era is that he has characteristics in common with Hal.

Peter Parker should be Barry Allen. A science-minded guy who gets super powers totally by accident. Stan Lee added dead relatives and a massive guilt complex into Peter's background, but the similarity is there and should stay there. Alternate future stories (Spider-Girl, Earth X) even have Peter becoming a police scientist, which is Barry's profession.

There's something familiar about this picture of Barry Allen and his mom...

Date: 2011-07-24 09:49 pm (UTC)
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You have "chosen ones" and the "special ones" (Jose Marinio style, heh). Peter Parker is a special one- an accident gave him powers and he becomes one of the greats by working his way up and beating anything in his way. He is special because he has the character to achieve this.

If you're a chosen one (Buffy or Anakin Skywalker style), you are one of the greats, still near enough by accident of birth, but you earn your right to being great after you've already been named it.

For me, when he's "chosen" it crosses the realm into fantasy, which doesn't belong in the superhero world, really (Thor notwithstanding).


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