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Something of interest from the Joe Quesada interview

Newsarama has the replay from Saturday.


How about Nightcrawler, while you are at it?

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Judging by the Schism poster, there's an outside chance that we might get a Kurt back, though I suspect it'll be the AoA Nightcrawler.

Can't say a Loeb/McGuiness Cable is exactly making my heart go pitter-pat with anticipation.
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So whoever dies at the start, they're the mastermind?
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Turns out Cable was the mastermind behind his own death all along!
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So the cops knew that Internal Affairs were setting them up all along?

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Didn't Cable die and come back in the recent past?
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Back in 2008 he died very shortly before coming back in time for Messiah Complex, then dying again at the end of Second Coming.

I believe they never explained how he came back then, either. :3

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Is it just me or is his eye really close to his shoulder?
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I like how it boils him down to his most 90's elements. If only they could have found some way to throw in the pouches.

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He could have his head down, and just raised it slightly so he could glower at the reader.
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I was thinking the same thing. Unless maybe he came back as a MODOK type character.
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I hope this is actually about Cable's cyborg arm gathering a team of cyborg arms (including Bucky's!).
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So Prosthesis Avengers?

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Time travel.
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maybe Nate will be becoming Cable for full? They have recently been working with him again.

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I like Cable generally. But this is just... It's not Liefeld, but it feels like it.
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With Loeb writing I have every confidence the quality of the plot and scripting will match Liefeld's.
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I bet it's Deadpool.
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Didn't waste enough time to have him missed, eh?...I hope they don't bring Johnny Storm back this quickly...
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Wade will be pleased.
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I hope bishop comes back too. Hey do you guys remember when that crazy time traveling psycho child killer Bishop was a hero...if you do then marvel is doing a bad job.
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It wasn't as incongruous with his established character as most of the face heel turns in comics, but I do sometimes miss Heroic (captial H) Bishop.
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Considering how by now, Cable's time should have past, it's not much of a surprise...
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What is UP with that arm? And the hand? And the way it's holding the gun? Just... ART D:
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And then Cable said "Oatmeal ARE YOU CRAZY!?"

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I'm pretty much 'yeah, whatever.'


Keep him dead.
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X-men is such crap now I can't stand it
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on the plus side, there is nothing Loeb writes that will be as fucking terribad as ultimatum.

on the minus side...everything else. i swear, this will be like fucking RULK only for the X-men.

i'm just gonna go back and reread my Cable & Deadpool trades. at least Nicieza can write without insulting my brain cells for existing.
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this will be like fucking RULK only for the X-men.


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Meh. Unless this leads to more "King-Size Cable" (or "Giant-Sized Man-Thing") jokes, not interested.