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"On diversity in the DCn√ú: Wallace stated that it was very important to him to reflect the real world in his book, Mister Terrific, and that his run will feature a sporting cast with black, hispanic, asian and, he joked, "even white" characters because "I had to stick them in there." Going back to a serious note, he stated that he wants the world of Mister Terrific to reflect the real world. Jim Lee added that there was a "very small" asian character in the Justice League whose name rhymes with "blatom," all but saying that the Atom in the new DC Universe is Ryan Choi rather than Ray Palmer."

Yay! The return of Ryan I approve of.

"On female characters in the Justice League line: A female fan in a Batgirl costume, with daughter dressed as Spoiler, was very upset by what she said was a lack of female characters being featured centrally on the covers in the Justice League line of books. The panelists said they are trying very hard to take diversity seriously in terms of both gender and race. The fan said no such characters were featured prominently on the covers, leading to a somewhat heated and awkward back-and-forth ending with her promising to go count them. The mood of the room was definitely against her, with Lee joking and asking if she wanted the female characters to be "dead center or off-center" on covers."


"On Green Arrow: Krul stated that Oliver Queen will have a new company called QCore that supplies him with technology to facilitate his superhero activities. Krul said that GA will be a fun action-adventure book with a James Bond feel, with artist Jurgens adding that it has a lot of wide-open visuals and action featuring a younger Ollie."

So he's Christian Bale's Batman now? Okay then.

"On Cassandra Cain: Morrison confirmed she exists in the new DCU."

*sets phasers to "cautiously optimistic"*

On Batwing: Winick largely reiterated his statements about the book from the Batman panel two days ago, stressing that he's trying to intertwine superhero action and real-world issues in the Democratic Republic of Congo. He also called Africa "a very politicized and ravaged country."

This... does not bode well.

"On Animal Man: Jeff Lemire stated that the book's main character is actually Buddy Baker's daughter Maxine, who's developing new powers. The book will also chronicle the Baker family traveling across America. He described it as a horror book, not a superhero book."

And another part of Casstoons continuity has become canon. Weird.

"On Demon Knights: Cornell described the basic concept of the series: seven strangers in a small medieval town, including Etrigan the Demon, being forced to defend it from a horde when they just want to get a drink, comparing it to The Magnificent Seven. He stated that many of the characters were there in Camelot and, after its fall, are attempting to keep its noble spirit alive. He also once again described the Horsewoman, a "diversity character, to state it crudely" who he compared to the Man With No Name."

Lookin' forward to this series. Heh.

"On Stormwatch: Stormwatch attempt to keep themselves hidden from both the people of the world and the superheroes who they regard as brightly-colored amateurs. They see themselves as a "higher authority," and the villain in the first arc is the moon, which has come alive. Cornell also commented on Apollo and Midnighter, who are both gay but meet for the first time in the first issue. Cornell wants to write a slow-build romance between the two. He also joked about his presence on the Gays in Comics panel later in the evening, saying that if he decided to "go in another direction" with Apollo and Midnighter, he wouldn't expect to leave that panel alive."

...Also semi-looking forward to this one. Though I am mildly confused as they seem to have both Jenny Quantum (canon in the DCU, another bizarre Casstoons prediction) as well as this woman called Jenny Blitz, who I think is meant to be the representation of Flashpoint's Earth or something.

From here and here,

For legality, Rob Liefeld's Hawk and Dove series, and Tim Drake and Cassie Sandsmark from the new Teen Titans comic,


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Oh, I guess its not just me. I can't get into LJ for anything in the world right now :/


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