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I tried to hold this off, but I can't do it any longer. The statements made by many of the DC creative teams at SDCC have been misguided at best and downright OFFENSIVE at worst.

I know a lot of this has already been posted, but I figured putting it in a concise post is best. My commentary is in "Quotes" while DC's statements are in bold.

From Comic Alliance, I'm getting info about what their saying and it's pretty nasty. Oh, and believe me, it just gets worse from here!

But first: legality!

Cargo Pants!


DC’s Flashpoint Panel (Thur Morning)

A fan asks if DC is going to create more “mainstream” minority characters. They point out that Blue Beetle was on Smallville.

“Yes, a guest spot, paired with a white guy, on a single episode of a now-ended TV show! That is so mainstream!


DC’s ‘The New 52’ Panel (Thur Afternoon)

Cliff Chiang says Wonde Woman now has “retractable pants”.

“Yeeeeeeeeeah. I’m not touching this with a ten-foot pole”

DiDio says “Yes” to Stephanie Brown.


DiDio says that returning Babs to Batgirl (EVEN THOUGH SHE’S BEEN ORACLE LONGER) was because DC wants to return all their characters to their most “accessible” versions.

“WHAT!? No, really, WHAT THE FUCK!? APPARENTLY DC thinks that differently abled characters are not accessible!? Why, because all your abled-bodied readers are too privileged to understand a differently abled character!? Because Barbara development as Oracle is too complicated compared to, say NIGHTWING!? FUCK YOU DC”

Wonder Woman will continue to be compassionate, not a warrior. BUT they are presenting her as a warrior in marketing.

“Presumably, then, to appeal to all the MACHO ASPECTS of the male comic fandom. Yeah, and presenting her as one thing in marketing and showing her as something else in the actual comic is going to work SO WELL, DC.”

When asked why DC’s female creators drastically decreased, DiDio avoided the question and asked the audience who they wanted that they currently work with. He implied that Nicola Scott got hired on something in the future.

“Yay Nicola Scott! Maybe one day she won’t be “THE CHICK” artist and will be appreciated just for her talent! Also, REALLY GOOD JOB with the derailment and avoiding the question, DiDio.”

Cornell says Demon Knights will include a character named Horsewoman who will use a (medieval??) wheelchair. He says she can’t replace Oracle, but he’s excited.

“See, this is DC’s thinking. They view diverse characters as quotas, and when they get rid of one, they just need another to maintain their DIVERSITY! Yes, I know Cornell said Horsewoman CAN’T replace Oracle, but by implying one wheelchair-using characters COULD replace another, DC/Cornell shows their attitudes towards minorities is just about quota. They don’t care about characters and development, they care about tokenism!”

Apollo and Midnighter are still gay. Cornell says he wanted to get a “They’re Still Gay” T-Shirt.

“Of course DC wants to keep their ONLY gay heroes! They already filled their lesbian quota with Kate!


DC’s Batman Panel (Thur Late Afternoon)

Mike Marts (Batman group Editor) says they have 4 issues from Williams and 1 and half from Amy Reeder for Batwoman.

“This is good news for me, but given the amount of time they’ve had to work on this, I expected more to be done. So, I’m still worried about delays. Also, YAY, Amy Reeder, THE ONLY OTHER FEMALE CREATOR, is still on Batwoman”

Gail Simone says that 1) Stephanie Brown will return and 2) Babs as Batgirl is just out of college.

“1) Yay Stephanie Brown, 2) You lied to us Gail. In your interview you said Oracle’s history would not be changed. Well, this is a HUGE change, and one that effectively erases all of the character development Oracle had.”

Winick continues to be unable to use any adjectives to describe Catwoman other than “sexy” and “dirty”. Also, Helena Kyle doesn’t exist.

“Do I even need to comment on this? This is just disgusting how we are in 2011 and a female character can be presented this obviously as fap material. Yes, Catwoman is sexy, but if that is the ONLY way you can describe her, then you have a SERIOUS problem. And, of course, having a baby seriously gets in the way of someone being “SEXY” right, Winick?”

Winick says Batwing’s arch nemesis is called Massacre, who is shown stabbing a man through the back.

“I don’t really have a problem with this alone, but wait until Winick elaborates on a later panel!”

Lobdell says Starfire is going to be more alien, and that she will Roy and Jason as her teachers on humanity.

“Oh, bullshit. Starfire never needed anybody to “teach her” about humanity. Also, icky subtext with two "bad boys" teaching a naive, sexy alien women about humanity. Starfire is strong, and compassionate, and emphatic. She’s human enough. What is WITH DC and making their extra-terrestrial characters more ALIEN!? I thought they wanted their characters to be more “accessible”!?”




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