Date: 2011-07-26 05:03 pm (UTC)
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Actually, panels at cons are where they need it the least. People who attend cons are a pretty select audience. Usually they're already well immersed in fandom and they've spent a lot of money to come listen to the pros speak. Hardcore fans tend to be pretty forgiving, I think. (Leaving out the fans who are genuinely bigoted/sexist/et al, as they're not going to see any speech that needs to be forgiven in the first place.)

Where they need help is with the rest of the world, where people aren't in the habit of buying their product and aren't engaged enough to go seek it out in a specialty venue. But I get the feeling that DC doesn't really care about the prospects away from the base they've already got. So if they go down in flames, it's really mostly themselves they should blame. Even the most devoted comics fan has limited resources. There's only so much blood to be gotten from the same old stone. :p
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