Date: 2011-07-26 06:20 pm (UTC)
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Ok I am worried about that Wonder Women, part like you said I hope she does not get stuck with a jerk. Hmmm I also wanted to comment on the lack of strong women thing at DC. A lot of writers really have trouble tackling them. I do not mean in fight scenes, but I am talking about in regular situations and disagreements.

A commend trend I am noticing is when a dc female gets into a heated disagreement, they have a tendency to show her getting flustered and extremly over emotional. I saw old teen titans scans someone posted here of Donna Troy in a heated argument with Dick. The scans were supposed to paint her in a positive light sticking up for herself. Dick was calling her out on something and being extremly blunt. Instead of calmly talking, or keeping her composure as she yelled she broke down in tears and pushed him through a wall.

The same thing with non super powered women, Barbara Gordon's den mothering and controlling almost antisocial tendencies really paint her in a bad light sometimes like when she first met jaime. Maybe because I am a guy and do not really know if it is my place to say when a women is being strong or not, but then I see characters like Wonder Women and Amanda Waller who can be stern and yell when they have to but always keep their composure.
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