Date: 2011-07-26 07:18 pm (UTC)
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Things to point out that you left out (but which other people have already mentioned):

1) The woman who was there questioning about women's roles was with HER DAUGHTER (dressed as Raven from TTG) when she was being mocked by all these middle-aged males. Way to poison their future fan base by literally insulting a girl's mother because she dares to ask a legitimate question - although maybe Didio/Lee don't count young girls as potential readers anyway so it doesn't matter to them.

2) Idelson's Lois as a "trophy wife" comment. I can't believe that NO ONE who was sitting at a Superman panel said anything to him about it. But then gain I'm not surprised - I think we're really seeing now the underbelly of loathing for Lois by the people that run Superman that I used to think only Chuck "Lois is a Gold Digger" Austen (hired by Eddie Berganza and only fired under fan pressure) used to represent. From releasing those two pages of the VERY FIRST ISSUE of the new Superman showing pining Clark and Lois celebrating a story by getting it on with her "hunky co-worker" (as DC's own press release call him) to Jim Lee explicitly saying they want the reader to feel "sympathy" for Clark in that situation (even though the two have not even dated in this reboot) to moving Lois from an intrepid reporter to a desk job where she delegates authority to others. They are pretty much deconstructing the Siegel/Shuster Lois from the ground up (and less than a year after Joanne Siegel, the model for LL, passed on) and all for the sake of making CLARK look better. Can they get any more tasteless and sexist?
Also, Idelson has also been the editor for the Superman books for several years now (many of which have had Lois/Clark separated for flimsy purposes like the whole Grounded debacle) so its revealing to see how the man who edits Superman himself has seen Lois all this time they've been married.

3) They haven't said Power Girl will be in the reboot (that I've heard) only Karen Starr (and she will working FOR Mr. Terrific, who Wallace calls one of the most "elgible bachelors in the world" - joining the ranks of rebooted bachelors pining angsty Clark Kent and "dating around" Barry Allen). I wouldn't be surprised if they reboot Power Girl's origin by having her develop powers thanks to Mr. Terrific, instead of being a Superman-level hero without help.

4) Berganza says Oracle was a "big decision" (and one they didn't choose easily - which is dishonest since we all know Didio has been wanting a return to Babsgirl for YEARS) and to "trust Gail Simone". The very same Gail Simone who has already publicly stated that she only went on the book because DC was going to do this (de-age and un-disable Babs) ANYWAY and she was presented with a fait accompli. I wonder what Berganza would have said if Gail wasn't on the book (and had refused the assignment) since it seems to be that a lot of DC's ploy with the Babs back as Batgirl reboot has been to rely on reader confidence and personal liking/trust of Gail Simone. They had already decided the direction they were going to go in, with or without Gail so what if they had given the book say to Eric "Titans" Wallace or JT "Rise of Arsenal" Krul? What then?

Seems to me that the DC Higher-Ups (minus Diane Nelson) seem to be coming out of this reboot and Comic-Com as supremely arrogant and condescending (even more so than they ever were before)...and none of them seem to realize it (and if they do they don't seem to care). How do you run a business with such an attitude towards your own consumers?
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