Date: 2011-07-26 11:24 pm (UTC)
big_daddy_d: (Lex Luthor)
From: [personal profile] big_daddy_d
Jim Lee implies that Wonder Woman won’t be single.

People I ship WW with: Artemis, Io, Batman. There you go. Otherwise, most love interest they tend to set her up with just..never interests me. They never make me care. That includes Steve Trevor, even though I liked him in the animated film, but still a bit iffy about him being love interest material. Gotta sell me. And don't get me started on Superman/WW. Also good god, no more shipping of WW/Aquaman. Guy is married for god's sake. So if they're not gonna do it right, I'd rather keep her single.

A female fan in a Batgirl costume says she is upset about how the female character are not featured centrally in the Justice League books. The panelists say they are taking diversity “seriously”. Then they got into a little argument with the fan disagreeing. Lee mocks her by asking if she wants female characters to be “dead center or off-center” on the covers. According to the report, the audience was definitely against her.

When Lois was referred to as a trophy wife, I pointed out how some of the fans actually nodded in agreement. Then when I read this...all I can think worst fear of this reboot has come to who actually like the stupid shit. I mean...what the hell fans? So you agree that Lois Lane is a trophy wife? Don't like that someone is willing to speak out against your beloved company in regards to the treatment of women as well as diversity?

Sometimes creators get too much of the credit when there are certain groups of fans who put ammo in the gun. What's sad is..this represents how the creators have such egos that instead of taking criticisms, taking into account the shit that fans don't like, and admitting to their mistakes, they rather listen to those who are onboard with their stupid ass decisions as justification. They will look for any small excuse to justify the stupid and thus keep it around.
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