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Saint Young Men - Two against the World

Greetings, People from Planet Houston!

Today I am proud to give you more goodies from Japan as a way to ease the pain that DC Comics left us recently. The Manga that we will be seeing today is called "Saint Young Men" and it narrates the misadventures of Jesus Christ and Buddha living in an apartment on Modern Japan. I can assure it's some healthy comedy and it's pretty cool to see 2 Religious Figures living in complete harmony (Shouldn't we all?). Enjoy!

Both J. C. and the Buddha-meister have decided to wear more casual clothing instead of their iconic garments in order for them to blend with society without having unnecessary attention.

Jesus Christ and Buddha start exchanging their own personal adventures when they went to a store.

Days later, our 2 heroes are about to face one special challenge.

Jesus and Buddha decide to go buy some things before a new train arrives at the station. Jesus proceeds to go buy some food while Buddha waits for him outside. Soon Buddha would find himself been photographed by all kinds of tourists. Jesus returns.

Buddha seems intrigued at Jesus buying a Shinsengumi costume. J. C. reveals why he bought it.

Our 2 heroes finally make it to the train that will take them home. Jesus is attacked by drunk men that think he's some kind of revolutionary hippie while Buddha is surrounded by more drunk people who start touching him on the dot on his head. Jesus manages to escape from the train on time but Buddha remains trapped. Hours later, Buddha calls Jesus to tell him he's OK.

Now this is an excellent Manga.
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I love the chapter where they go to Disneyland and Jesus tells Buddha how short Tinkerbell's skirt is in an attempt to stop him from glowing.

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Okay, it's official: I need this. I'm not even a huge manga fan and I need this.

*goes to Amazon to begin her search*