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Gotham City Sirens #25 preview

As the books close on this DCU, the sirens title reaches it's conclusion. ComicBookResources has the preview as scores will be settled in this final chapter.

Hell hath no fury...
The scales shall balance...
Eye for an eye...

that kind of stuff.

Let's face it, Selena's had this coming.

She could have walked away any time from this little trio of bad-girls, but she stuck around.
And when they needed her and depended on her (during the last arc in the break-in of Arkham) she wasn't there. When she did show, it was to put down the re-insane Harley and to betray Ivy.

The Frog and the Scorpion time, when they all drown together.

I hope that the writers can salvage this fiasco.

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