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Power Girl vs Power Girl

Continued from the JSA Annual I posted a while back, only with more clusterfuckery abound.

Picking up where the last story left off, Huntress realises she's been telling her life's story to a Power Girl, but not her Power Girl. Needless to say both she and Power Girl 2.0 are not happy campfire girls.

The rest of this clusterfuck begins with Power Girl 2.0 raging over the idea of an "imposter" trying to take her place, as well as her obsession with finding the whereabouts of *her* long lost Superman/Kal-L. She then gets the entire JSI to initiate a witch hunt for the real Power Girl, thinking she has all the answers.

From JSA #20: 7 out of 22 pages.

At this point Power Girl is fully aware now that the Earth-2 she just landed on isn't her Earth-Two, and manages to find her way back to the main Earth with a little help from that Earth's Michael Holt. Unfortunately, with the entire JSI hot on her tail, she isn't safe for very long as Power Girl 2.0 and the gang catch up to her to bring her back to Earth-2 for interrogation.

Power Girl tries pleading with Huntress, but to no avail. Feeling angry and confused, Huntress pulls out her father's kryptonite ring to subdue her, while sporting a very Helena Bertinelli-like glare. Poor girl. :(

Back on Earth-2, things don't fare well for Power Girl as she finds herself strapped inside the Batcave.

I can't tell you how satisfying it was to see Power Girl put her Earth-2 counterpart in her place after having to put up with her BS for most of this story. But then I got sad for her when she looked at this version of Helena Wayne and remembered that her Huntress is dead and gone. -sniffle- :'(

(Also, as much as I love Helena Wayne like I love chocolate, it always bothers me how none of her inner conflicts ever get properly addressed or resolved before being retconned in a reboot).

Anyway, the story ends with Power Girl being shortly rescued by her own JSA team, and Starman explaining to the JSI members that two Power Girls exist because the multiverse exists, etc etc. Kara also returns home with a better sense of purpose and closure.

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If it would mean keeping the JSA, I'm all for it!
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