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Wonder Woman 613, or How Diana Got Her Groove Back

[personal profile] shadowpsykie already posted four three pages of how Diana got here. Here's three one more pages showing how Diana gets the best of Nemesis.

As seen below, Original Flavor Diana is now a host for Nemesis. Clotho split off a fragment of Di, her innocent self, and created the Odyssey world to keep her safe and have her raised in the Amazon tradition despite the destruction of the island. As they fight, Nemesis!Di explains that she doesn't need nu!Diana to keep her foothold in the world, but to keep the world's hatred and murder flowing, she has to bring its greatest noblest warrior to heel. So she set about destroying everyone and everything nu!Diana loves, to crush her spirit and make her hate the modern world.

nu!Diana drops the little sketch of Wonder Woman her young friend gave her at Nemesis' feet, and explains that as she lived in the modern world she became part of it - its inhabitants are her brothers and sisters now. So, she's still a noble champion.

"Let's be Wonder Woman again." Heroic splash page ahoy!

"It didn't work. It could never work...The soul of an amazon could never be bent to your brand of hate. I could NEVER be your champion," Diana says to the fading out of the Morrigan.

But she doesn't notice the Morrigan reappear behind her, and grab the big-ass sword. "In that case, Diana of Themiscyra...YOU CAN DIE!!!" dun dun DUNNNNN
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Better than the Fusion Dance...
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But not better than the Neutron Dance

Why yes, I AM a child of the 80's, why do you ask? :)