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From Brave and the Bold #197, I present you...

The Autobiography of Bruce Wayne!

9 pages out of 24:

...and became my wife.

Bruce then reminisces over the event that made him realise what he wanted most in life. It all began with attending the wedding of ex-girlfriend Linda Page, who eventually tells him "I don't know what secret pain you're hiding, Bruce. But whatever it is, I do hope you make peace with it."

The wedding however doesn't go as smoothly with Scarecrow crashing with fear toxin. Among those who get gassed is Batman himself, who realises what his biggest fear is.

Feeling that all the important people in his life have disappeared on him, he turns to the one person left who could help him track down the Scarecrow. An old foe!

Once recruited, Batman and Catwoman track down the Scarecrow at Gotham University, where they unsurprisingly fall into a trap. Needless to say they don't find the Scarecrow, but they both exchange their epiphanies.

Bruce goes first.

Sometime during their pursuit of the Scarecrow, Catwoman lets slip that she hadn't forgotten her past as Catwoman and that the whole amnesia/flight attendant story she initially fed Batman was all bull. So she finally comes out with the truth behind the origin of the Catwoman identity.

Then finally the big reveal!

Dawwww! He wants to be remembered as a good man who led a good life. Now if only main DCU Bruce could be more like his Earth-Two counterpart...

There's hope for main DCU Bruce yet!

Superman: Oh married Catwoman and fathered Helena Wayne. We called her the Huntress.

Batman: the Huntress? (You mean that Italian mafia princess was my daughter?) *heart attack*

Oh come on. you know he thought it.
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