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When it comes to DC, I second people's suggestions of DCAU books.

If she likes Batman: The Animated Series, then the obvious choice is...
- Batman Adventures. There were two trades published, collecting the first (I think) 12 issues.
- Batman Adventures: Holiday Special. Holiday-themed trade which includes stories with Ivy, Harley and Batgirl.
- Batman Adventures: Mad Love. Harley's origin story, toonverse style.
- Batman & Robin Adventures. Directly follows Batman Adventures, but I don't think any of it is collected in trades.
- Batman Adventures: The Lost Years. Bridges the gap between the original Batman: The Animated Series and the later revamped series. Collected in trade.
- Batman: Gotham Adventures. The first (again, I think but am not 100% certain) 6 issues are collected in book-format.
- Batman Adventures (volume 2). I don't believe any of this has been collected, I could be wrong.
Man, I wish more of this was collected in some way, Batman Adventures is what I read when I was young and found the normal DCU too complicated/confusing.

Teen Titans Go and Justice League Adventures/Justice League Unlimited would also be great picks, with the tv shows obviously making good companions. There's also Adventures In The DC Universe, which explores the 90s DCU in a toonverse style - lots of characters featured, including those who don't get much/any representation in the normal DC toonverse, like Impulse, Booster and Blue Beetle and the Marvel Family.

Outside of DCAU, I think Batgirl: Year One is a good idea, and would add Steph's Batgirl run. Maaaaaybe Young Justice, although it does get darker as it goes on.
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