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Scarecrow discovers the hard way what makes the Catwoman go bump in her mind.

From Catwoman #58: 1 page.

Fear Factor

Oh wow? someone actually gives Scarecrow nightmares? that's a first.

Anyway, Scarecrow manages to inject Selina with fear toxin, which causes her to hallucinate like whoa! before discovering she can fight back by conquering her fears. She then decides to test that theory further by injecting herself with a stronger potent hallucinogen, only to discover it doesn't work like she thought it would...

From Catwoman #60: 6 pages.

Fear Factor

Fear Factor

Fear Factor

Fear Factor

Fear Factor

Fear Factor

Scarecrow's face in that last panel is priceless. ♥

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From: [personal profile] darkknightjrk
Batman: The Origin of "SURPRISE BUTTSECKS!"


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