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Information on Animal Man #1

This seems pretty interesting.

the link takes you to the rest of the script and the intro, also the source has more information on the Angle... for Animal Man.

#11-12 of the script for ANIMAL MAN #1.



PAGE 11.


Buddy leaps through the air towards Edwin, fists clenched and barking angrily.

1. (CAPTION) BUDDY: This man is troubled. He’s experienced loss that I can barely fathom. But now he’s also endangered all these innocent children…and I can’t allow that.

2. (CAPTION) BUDDY: I grab my favorite “action hero” cocktail of animal abilities…

3. (CAPTION) BUDDY: Strength of an elephant, reflexes of a fly, speed of a cheetah…

4. (CAPTION) BUDDY: And the bark of a dog. That one always freaks them out.



Buddy hauls off and punches Edwin with the might of an elephant. Edwin flies back, slamming into the wall, his gun falls from his hand.

6. (CAPTION) BUDDY: Truth is, I hate violence. I wish I could help this man. If I ever lost Cliff or Maxine…I’d…

7. (CAPTION) BUDDY: No, don’t think about that. I can’t help him. Not now. So I just need to stop him.



Buddy crouches by Edwin, who holds his jaw, cowering and sobbing on the floor. We only see A-Man from behind here.

9. EDWIN: I’m sorry…I’m sorry…I just want her back.

10. BUDDY: I know…I know. It’s going to be okay.


We see Krenshaw enter the room behind Buddy with a Swat Team. Buddy turns to them, so that again we only see him from behind. Depending on the angle, maybe we see the first hint of blood coming from his ear, but it should be subtle not to tip our hand too soon.

11. KRENSHAW: A-Man! Is he –

12. BUDDY: Everyone’s okay.


Buddy stands before Krenshaw, his back to us. Two cops haul Edwin away. The Doctors tend to the children, trying to calm them.

Krenshaw’s face falls. He stares at A-Man in shock.

12. BUDDY: That man needs help, Detective. I hope you can –

13. BUDDY: Detective Krenshaw? What’s wrong?


Close on Krenshaw, still shocked and dumbfounded he manages to point to his own eyes.

14. KRENSHAW: Animal Man…your eyes!

PAGE 12.


Larger Panel: Reverse to Buddy. He reaches up, touching his cheek. Blood runs from his eyes and ears, down his face. Buddy freezes in shock.


2. KRENSHAW: You okay?

3. BUDDY: I—I don’t know…


Krenshaw puts his hand on Buddy’s shoulder, and yells to a doctor nearby.

4. KRENSHAW: (yelling) We need a doctor here!

for Legality....

The cover in context to the scene makes more sense now. And in a way it makes sense... if Alec Holland and Poison Ivy are connected to the Green... and the Green is associated with plantlife, then the Red associated with Animals is probably associated with blood (the blood of life). It seems to be a very high concept they are going for in this series... other than 52 and his subsequent appearances i have never really thought much about Buddy... i'm interested to see where it goes.
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Read Grant Morrison's Animal Man, if you can find the trades. GREAT book.

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You will not regret it. Really good stuff.
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The Red as the animal based equivalent to the Green has been mentioned with regard to Buddy in the past, it's a sort of reference to the morphogenetic field that it's been mentioned Buddy accesses, a sort of collection of animal templates referencing every living things potential.
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And the Shade is connected to the shadow-based version of the Red/Green, making him the darkness-based version of Swamp Thing, which is kind of strange. :)
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Hmmm, never heard that one before.

There being a Life based equivalent to the four basic elements; Swamp Thing - Earth, Firestorm/Corona - Fire, Naiad - Water and Red Tornado - Air I can see (After all, that's what "Heart" was really all about).

Shadow... not so much (I do recall the Ostrander Firestorm series implying there were at least two other elementals, with hints that Captain Atom was one (a sort of Nuclear Elemental, and perhaps Killer Frost as an Ice Elemental, but it was never confirmed.
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Dr Fate might have said it in when he met Mr Swift in his mini series, though I can't remember off the top of my head where I heard them say it.

His power type is very similar to the other guys though. Draws his power from a specific source (the Green/the Shadowlands), both is made from and has complete control over his element and can even create life from it.

Admittedly there are others who also use the Shadowlands as a source, Obsidian and Nightshade for two, but they don't wield it with the same level of power as the Shade.
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IIRC The Shadowlands is actually the corpse of a Darkness god, possibly on of the Kirbyan Old Gods.

I could be confusing this with the Marvel counterpart.

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If you're interested in more information about Animal Man, I would recommend checking out the pitch for the series.