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What the...!

Okay... i haven't been pay the attention to this title i have been wanting too so... i'm a little confused with the way Archangel has been behaving in this preview.... can some one explain?

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At a guess, Apocalypse has a personality over-ride built into the components he implanted into Warren, and can take control of him when he's in Archangel form.
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Paternal Apocalypse FTW!
"France flambe!? My dearest son, I have never been prouder!"
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Patriarchal Apocalypse FTW then!
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It's not Apocalypse himself living within Warren. Whatever alterations that Apocalypse made to Warren have come alive themselves as a separate individual entity, using Angel as a host.

Think Onslaught.
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Its awesome! Death!Warren has a personality! And a damn good one too! Actually, normal Warren has personality beyond "There's a monster inside me!" Huzzah!