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ComicBookResources continues the Archangel saga.

While Logan and the core of his X-Force team have been caught meeting the Heir of Apocalypse on this alternate AoA world, Archangel continues his schemes in the Marvel 616.

And we get some revelations.

So we know who was Nemesis/Holocaust's mother.

En Sabah Nur? And Famine? Sitting in a tree?

When did THIS happen?

Anyhow, we finally MEET his 616 counterpart. Hidden from Apocalypse himself so that he would not fear his biologic heir. A more innocent and childlike character in a monster's shell (literally).

And Archangel really caring for other members of Clan Akkaba.

I am REALLY curious how this plays out.

Date: 2011-08-04 08:34 pm (UTC)
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heh you should have seen the images in my head about Apocalypse,War, and Archangel, oh the things he does with those wings :D


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